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Widget sun path and position

Widgets map with sun path, generates the code to insert it into your site.

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set default coordinates and map mode, then copy the code in your webpage

for other types of customizations (example: removal of advertising) you need to contact me by email: info@sunearthtools.com

map mode
Width: Height:

For more detail post the list of parameters available for link:

# point (location coordinates).
(example: .....&point=51.508,-0.128 )

# modeMapH map mode
0 = points
1 = distance
2 = polyline
3 = area
4 = sun rays
5 = shadow
6 = circle
7 = sun path
8 = path + rays
9 = coordinates
(example: ...&modeMapH=7)

# year, month, day, hour and minute, the dafault is the current date.
(example: .....&year=2023&month=6&day=21&hour=12&minute=30)

# utc (UniversalTimeZone), default is the time zone of the selected location.
(example: ...&utc=2)

# dst (Daylight saving time) 1 yes, 0 no, default depend the day of the year.
(example: ...&dst=1)